Fonteins savu vainu noliedz

Liepājas uzņēmējs Stēns Lorenss, kurš labāk pazīstams kā Luijs Fonteins, medijiem izplatītā paziņojumā noliedzis savu vainu viņam piederošā kuģa "Sporn" nogrimšanā, kārtējo reizi uzsverot, ka kuģa tehniskais stāvoklis un aprīkojums esot visām prasībām atbilstošs.

L. Fonteins pauž arī neapmierinātību ar atsevišķos medijos pret viņu izteiktajiem apgalvojumiem.

Piedāvājam vēstules oriģināltekstu.

To The Courland Press

1)I see a lot of people upset of the name of the boat SPURN , so below is why
2)Port control manager Imants Aizkalns is talking about something that might happened on another planet.
3)And most important how did Spurn sink

I will explain first of all i did not name it it happened in 1942

I has been owned by one family Andersen in Skagen , until 2004 then sold to a Copenhagen fishing company, who put in a new engine , and used it for only 2 years until 2006 , before it was taking out of service, because of EU fishing restrictions.
After that it has been a pleasure boat , it is a classic Skagen kutter (kugis) only like this, from this place with a high sticking front.

The name comes from a place in England called Yorkshire a sand peninsula , by the north sea across the sea from it's former hometown Skagen.

The last owner Tommy ,tried to rename it The North Star but was refused since the DK ship register don't allow to change the old original names of ships older than 50 years, to keep the old names alive.

All the history of the ship since birth in online in the ship register , all the way down to how much credit rebuilding , modifications has been made
but it's is Danish so probably a bit hard to figure out for you.

People seem to have problems with my names in general, but in this case i have noting to do with it sorry.

here is info of the name , not that it should matter it's just a name



I think it would be good if you could print this certificate of ownership so readers once and for all time can  see with there own eyes the fact that the papers are in order, instead of this misinformation by port control manager Imants Aizkaln who is claiming all kinds of things in Kurzemevards Monday issue.

If Imants Aizkalns does not correct his statement ,i intend put him in court for using  his authority and publish false information , which makes me look like a bad irresponsible person.
There is not word true in what he says to Kurzemes vards and Kurzeme vards itself should also ask the owner of what happened before publishing things like this.
I never even been in contact with the man only meet him, and a man like that, with his job, should also know that a ship can have any flag on it.
Also i was never forbidden to leave the port i got clearance every time i left for a trip from the port tower, so i have no idea of what ban he mentions.
And he says it's my fault because i don't have safe guard , is it normal to have 24 hrs guard on a private boat ?
not were i come from and also not in Latvia.
Also he claims there was no heat in engine room , how can he know that, there was heat i put it myself when the frost started.

Pleasure ships do not have to be inspected in DK ,choice of navigation system is entirely up to the owner , life west most be on board

I have following on board for peoples information:

GPS including all sea cards (new)
Card plotter
Echo sounder new
Wind speed measure
18 life vests new
2 life boats (1 for 12 people other for 6 people)
Emergency rockets new
New Co2 fire system in engine room new
Fire alarm system
3 Johnson prof pump with water alarm new + one extra new pumping each 400 l per minut
3 emergency hand pumps on the deck new
Emergency salt water fire pump
24 v to 220 converters

All this information has been send to SEZ & port captain so SEZ and Imats Aizkalns  should know that, and therefore don't tell things like he do to the press.
You can not run around saying ship is not in shape to sail when you haven't even seen it from the inside.



There was a drain pipe in the old kitchen sink that got frozen and therefore damaged , how the salt water got in there we don't know but it did , when the ice went away water came in , but not enough to sink the boat if the pumps would work, so we think the 3 new Johnson marine pumps pumping 400 liter per minute, and  just replaced, were either frozen or turned of. The ship in general don't take in any water , also today after it was a submarine for 2 days.
It was an accident a stupid one, maybe caused by a human mistake  or maybe just bad luck
The drain has not been used for years the water tank was discounted when i got the ship. the pipe was in the front of the very of the ship.
This kind of ship stays all year in water ,only taking it up every 3-4 years this years it's 3,5 year ago

Louie Fontaine
The always hunted citizen of Liepaja
i wonder who it is that's behind the curtain this time

PS : The ship coming back to life all will be good after 1 week it,s running again.
If the port mafia leave me alone and let me go to Pavilosta, i promise never to come back to this nightmare port ever again.

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